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OTC Listing

OTC Listing Challenges

Seriously, put some thought into this... More than 1,000 Chinese companies list on US OTC Markets, and your company can probably also list. Now, you’re probably wondering what the challenges are:
• Who can list you company in a localized multilingual context?
• What is the minimum stock price and number of beneficial shareholders?
• How many shares need to be publicly traded?
• What's the minimum number of shares for each shareholder?
• Worried about loss of control over the company, which may eventually be taken over?
• What is the minimum public market value of your company's securities?
• Can you handle strict corporate governance, regulatory requirements and compliance?
• Loss of control over the company, which may eventually be taken over?
• Are you ready for a shift from owner objectives to hired manager and shareholder objectives?
• How do you motivation employees not offered shares?

Yes, you read that right. It is not easy to list Chinese companies on US OTC Markets.

Your Solution

MILLERIA provides a localized US OTC Markets listing services in China. The best part is that you get access to our complete range of finance, accounting and legal services:
• Project Manager
• Accountant
• Attorney
• Translator
• Transfer Agent
• Market Maker

Your team has a deep knowledge of finance, accounting and law as well as project management, business and language skills.

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 Root Specialization
 Attorney  Hire an attorney that specializes in taking companies public in the Pink OTC market. He will guide you through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's process of being listed on the OTC market. 
 Market Maker   Locate a market maker to sponsor your listing on the Pink OTC market. Market makers are SEC-registered broker-dealers who specialize in providing quotes and share liquidity to companies they sponsor and make a market in.
 Transfer Agent  Hire a transfer agent company. Your transfer agent will work together with your market maker when there are shares exchanged between investors. The transfer agent's job is to keep a record of current stockholders, cancel stock certificates sold by investors and issue new stock certificates to new investors.
Your Benefits

The result? Here's what a listing on the stock exchange has in store for you:
• Increased availability of immediate capital.
• Strengthen public profile of your company.
• Use public offering as alternative company's profits for financing growth.
• Provide employee incentives by granting options.
• Generate immediate cash flow from selling shares.
• Provide added reassurance to customers and suppliers.
• Initial public offerings may be covered in investment journals and financial magazines.
• Listing helps promote increased accountability for company insider actions.

Think about it; All our analysts hold higher degrees in Finance, Business Administration or Economics. Let us list your company.