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Can you successfully explore the eCommerce opportunity in China? No? Why not?

• Can you successfully promote brands and products on in Chinese on the internet?
• Do you know how to protect your intellectual property in China?
• Which eCommerce soft and hardware suppliers are reliable?
• Can you recruit and train Chinese internet staff?
• For which roles should you foreign staff be brought over?
• What payment options work well in China?
• Who can help you administrate and distribute your products?
• Who specializes in setting up and administrating Chinese eCommerce websites?


The benefits of using MILLERIA eCommerce can be summarized as follows:
• You focus on your eCommerce business
• You access our local customer and supplier databases
• We translate content and product information
• Our staff maintains your business content
• We expand your market influence.
• Our field workers perform sales, marketing and promotional activities

We collect and prepare business information so that you can skip past start-up and operational problems and focus on your bottom line.