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eCommerce Challenges
China is the largest and fastest growing market in the world. Can you explore the eCommerce opportunity in China? No? Why not?
• Can you set up and administrate a localized eCommerce websites in a multilingual context?
• What payment options work well in China?
• Who can help you administrate and distribute your products?
• Can you successfully promote brands, products and services in Chinese on the internet?
• Do you know how to protect your intellectual property in China?
• Which eCommerce soft and hardware suppliers are reliable?
• Can you recruit and train Chinese internet staff?
• For which roles should you foreign staff be brought over?
• Who specializes in setting up and administrating Chinese eCommerce websites?

Your Solution

MILLERIA provides a localized multilingual program for forming, starting up and administrating eCommerce businesses in China. We perform initial efforts and help you focus on your core business.

 Web Store  Sales  Inventory   Accounting   Marketing 
 Logotype Multi Currency   Multi Store  Merchant Account   Social Media
 Domain Name  Real-time Reporting  Real-time Reporting   Payment Gateway   Back-links
 Hosting Plan  Opportunity Management   Data Management   Credit Card Processing   SEO
 Skin Design  Order Management  Shipping  Invoicing   Content
 Modules  Shopping Cart  Storage Management  Security  Banners
Backup and Failover  Procurement    Currency Management  Customer Satisfaction
 Website Management  Revenue Recognition      
Your Benefits

Listen, we are not kidding around… The benefits of our eCommerce program is summarized as follows:
• You focus on your eCommerce business
• We customize and administrate your multi-language, currency, store and device
• Deliver the same consumer experience across any language, currency, store and device
• Access your eCommerce business anytime and anywhere
• View webstore inventory and sales in real-time
• Automate processes to improve accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction
• Let our staff maintain your multi-Language content and product information
• Let us help you expand your market influence
• Access your local customer and supplier databases
• Ask our staff to perform sales, marketing and promotional activities

We prepare your eCommerce business so that you can skip past formation, start-up and administrative problems and focus on your bottom line.