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Customer Research

Customer Challenges

Regardless of if you sell a product or a service, you need customers. Your main challenge is that your customers do just fine without you. If you think it's nothing, think again…

Every customer relationship is limited in time. Therefore, you need to worry about:
• How can you avoid losing customers in a localized multilingual context?
• Should you reconsider a lost customer or not?
• If your customer is lost, which other customers are at risk?
• Which elements of your offer are still appealing?
• Was your customer lost permanently? Why?

Doing business in China is confusing! Cultural differences and complex regulations create uncertainties, and administrative and bureaucratic tasks can be time-consuming. Finally, do your customers understand your sales, marketing and promotional efforts?

Your Solution

Now, you’re probably wondering if you need a localized multilingual Customer Research service in China. Yes! You need our analysts and field workers because of their true knowledge of both source and target languages, their cultures and the subject matter.

Our experienced project managers make a personal assessment that defines your circumstances, needs and goals that result in a comfortable task breakdown.

 Study Assessment   When and How?   Needs, goals, circumstances, and task breakdown   Set Up Alerts 
 Customer Satisfaction Study  How?  Understand the performance of the Supplier,
 its services and products. 
 Link interaction execution and attitudes
 and perceptions.  
 Best-in-class Supplier Study  How?   Define and improve under performing internal processes.
 Understand the customers’ perspective. 
 Monitor and cross check processes in real time,
 with a focus on how to improve operational
 Customers Feedback Study  What? How?  Collect and analyze Customer feedback data.
 Perform deep interviews, and avoid questionnaires.
 Track customer interactions in real time, and
 compare what customers do with what they
 say. Direct and
 calibrate your customer research programs. 
 Prospective Customers Study  Who, where, what?  Identifying opportunities and modifying services.
 Preparing for positive customer interactions.
 Link networking efforts and operational results.
Your Benefits

OK. You might be asking, what are your benefits? So, here's what is in store for you:
• Let your customers know that you act upon their needs and suggestions!
• Strengthen the perception of you as a customer oriented and trustworthy supplier
• Make clear that you care about your customers in a professional way
• Each one of our analysts hold adequate higher degrees in Statistics, Business Administration or Economics
• Each field worker holds a degree with a major in English Literature or Business Administration
• Understand not only what your Chinese customers say, but also what they mean!
• Have your results translated from Chinese back into any source language

Seriously, put some thought into this… Let us help bring down your project risk. Let field workers in all major cities in China provide you with fast and efficient customer research. It all comes down to this... acquire trustworthy customer information, collected by filed workers that understand the source and target languages, their cultures and the subject matter.