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Start-Up Challenges
China is the fastest growing and one of the largest markets in the world. But instead of wishful thinking, what stops you from fully exploring this opportunity?
• Can your localize your corporate brands and values in a localized multilingual context?
• Do you know how to protect your intellectual property?
• Can you budget and plan realistically in China?
• Exactly what is required to efficiently operate in China?
• Can you manage the operating risk in a localized multilingual context?
• How should you recruit, train and manage talented Chinese staff?
• For which roles should you bring over own staff?
• What is the downside of operating without a proper business license?
• How can you access temporary sales, marketing and promotion resources?


On top of these challenges, doing business in China is even more confusing! Complex and changing regulations create uncertainty. Chinese government agencies require perfectly filled in application forms in Chinese, else you will perceive China as bureaucratic and time-consuming. Finally, with customers in China you need to ask “Do customer understand my sales, marketing and promotional efforts?

Your Solution

MILLERIA provides localized multilingual business start-up package. We help you overcome cultural hurdles so that you can focus on your core business.

Your Benefits

We know you're skeptical. Right? But just let these benefits sink in for a minute:
• Get documents approved by local authorities fast
• Have your documents translated to Chinese from more than 65 source languages
• Bring down your project risk
• Access permanent field workers in all major cities in China
• Permanent staff make our service fast and efficient and brings down the cost
• Build a relationship with your representative
• Let your representative acquire understand your subject matter
• Communicate with staff holding appropriate certificates and degrees
• Experience long lasting and comprehensive guarantees

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