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International Trade

International Trade Challenges
China is the largest and fastest growing market in the world. But it is one of the most challenging countries to do business in:
• Can you develop local business relationships in a multilingual context?
• How can you find just the right supplier?
• How can your international trading firm operate efficiently?
• Which IT, office and internet suppliers are reliable?
• Should you recruit, train and manage Chinese staff?
• For which roles should own staff be brought over?
• What if you perform international trading without a proper legal entity?
• Who can help you apply for business licenses and lower the risk?
• How can you temporary access sales, marketing and promotion resources?


International trading in China is even more confusing than that! Complex and changing regulations create uncertainty. Bureaucratic routines can be very time-consuming.

Your Solution

MILLERIA provides a localized multilingual program for forming, starting up and administrating international trade firms in China. We perform all initial efforts and help overcome regulatory difficulties and hurdles so that you can focus on you trading.

Step  Description
Business Program We assume that you are a trade specialist, holding a business-oriented degree including business administration, international relations, international finance or management. This gives you the skill and knowledge needed for the rigors of this opportunity.
 Business Experience An international trade specialists typically need to have 3-5 years of international trade experience before being eligible for the program. Entry-level can work under the supervision of a senior staff member.

 Become Certified  Certification is not mandatory but might increase the opportunities, demonstrate professional expertise and differentiate the individual from the competition. We help you pass the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) credential, which measures the specialist's knowledge of international marketing, finance, documentation and logistics.
Your Benefits

The best part is what benefits MILLERIA brings to you:
• Access to our customer and supplier databases
• Expand your influence and coverage by providing call center and field workers in each major Chinese city
• Network of international trade experts that can represent and negotiate on your behalf in each major Chinese city
• Expand your influence and coverage by expanding your sales, marketing and promotion activities
• Move ahead fast and focus on your international trading

We don't try to teach you the basics of your international trading business. We collect and prepare relevant information so that you can skip past operational problems.