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Human Resources Management

Human Resource Challenges

Here's something you probably know very little about... Reality is you face many expected and unexpected challenges when you recruit or bring staff to China:
• Can you find candidates suitable to work in a localized multilingual context?
• What recruitment restrictions apply for each legal entity in China?
• For which roles should local staff be recruited and trained?
• For which roles should own staff be brought over to China?
• Where does talented Chinese staff post their CVs?
• How can you background check local staff?
• How can you assess if your candidate is suitable?

Does this make sense to you? What about recruiting, training and managing exceptionally talented local staff?

Your Solution

Now, you’re probably wondering if you need a localized multilingual HRM service in China? Yes! You need to communicate with us about your job requirements in your language, have Chinese CVs collected, candidates background checked in their home towns, interviewed and assessed psychologically and reported back to you in your language.

Reality is you also need to see for yourself how your candidates perform in job simulations. Therefore, you need our automated workflow that links your talent management to your company.

 Step  Description
 Early Discussion  As a first step, special needs of your representative office are defined and addressed.
 Find Customers  For representative offices, finding local customers by Advertising, Referrals and by
 Teaming up and Forming alliances gets the job done.  
 Start Networking  Ask who are my best prospects? Where can I meet my best prospects? Who exactly
 do I want to meet? 
 Collect Information  Dive deeper into the marketing strategy and outline local goals and steps needed
 to accomplish them.
 Planning and Launch  Everybody should draft a plan, not only to understand their company better, but also
 to attract key employees, prospect for new business, make deals with suppliers or to
 convey their vision to investors.
Your Benefits

So instead of wishful thinking, bear with me, your benefits are summarized as follows:
• Have your candidates background checked locally in each major Chinese city
• Get help collecting exceptional CVs
• See how candidates perform in job simulations
• Have applications and candidates tracked
• Have your recruitment efforts coordinated
• Have exceptional local human capital managed

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Add a talent acquisition service which works in your favor in two ways. Get specialist help identifying, approaching and recruiting top performing performers and teams from your competitors. The talented individuals you get do not contribute to your competitor anymore! This service is similar to that of your traditional head-hunter, but carries an even greater strategic importance.