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Translation and Interpretation

Translation and Interpretation Challenges
Doing business in China is very confusing! What challenges are important to you? Hang on to your seat, let us give you a bit of an idea.
• Can you operate in accordance with regulations in a localized multilingual context?
• Why are your applications in Chinese so time-consuming?
• Does your translator or interpreter understand the subject matter?
• Does your target audience understand the true meaning of your words?
• Can you trust local translators and interpreters with confidential information?
• Do you need to worry about if your interpreter can represent you well?
• Will your translator or interpreter make your message come through clearly?
• Where can you find translators and interpreters that master unusual languages?


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Your Solution

MILLERIA provides a localized translation and interpretation services in China. We establish a relationship with you, so that you experience a personal service based on clearly specified needs and circumstances. The best part is that you get access to a complete range of translation and interpretation services:
• Simultaneous Interpretation
• Consecutive Interpretation
• Document Translation
• Audio-Visual Translation
• Business Escort

Your translator and interpreter will have a deep knowledge of both source and target languages, their cultures and the subject matter. Your needs serve as our guiding principle.

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 Root  Language
 European Languages  English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Danish, Spanish, Italian,
 Catalan, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, Dutch,
 Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak,
 Slovenian, Finnish, Flemish, French, Croatian, Czech, Swedish 
 CIS Languages   Azerbaijani, Armenian, Belarusian,  Georgian, Kazakh, Kirghiz,
 Moldavian, Russian, Tajik, Tatar, Turmen, Uzedk, Ukrainian
 Asian Language  Arabic, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Malay,
 Chinese, Persian (Farsi), Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese,
 Urdu, Pashto 
Your Benefits

What does all this mean to you? Your benefits can be summarized as follows:
• Deep understanding of both source and target languages
• Talk to someone who understands the subject matter
• Experience a finer sense of when to translate freely or literally
• Have your words interpreted in your favor
• Feel safe using background checked translators and interpreters
• Our translators and interpreters adhere to strict business standards

Want to see how it works right now? You can ask our project managers to avoid acronyms, convoluted sentences and labyrinthine paragraphs.

Prior to important translation and interpretation assignments, you can have any standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed and private research performed.

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