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Administrative Challenges

Here's something you probably know very little about... Reality is you face many expected and unexpected challenges when you administrate an office in China.

• Do you know how to protect your intellectual property?
• How can current brands successfully be localized?
• How can your representative office be setup efficiently?
• Which office equipment suppliers are reliable?
• How should talented Chinese staff be recruited, trained and managed?
• For which roles should own staff be brought over?
• What is the downside of operating without a proper business license?
• Who can help you lower the operating risk?
• How can you quickly focus on your core business?

• How can you temporary access sales, marketing and promotion resources?

On top of these challenges, doing business in China is even more confusing than that! Complex and changing regulations create uncertainty. Administrative and bureaucratic tasks can be quite time-consuming. Finally, with customers in China you need to ask “Do customer understand my sales, marketing and promotional efforts?

Your Solution

MILLERIA provides a localized multilingual business administration package. We help you overcome cultural hurdles so that you can focus on your core business.

Your Benefits

We know what you’re thinking… , you’re probably wondering what benefits you get. Seriously, put some thought into this:
• International and local management, experts, accountants and lawyers
• Luxurious reception, launch area, video, tea and meeting rooms
• Call center for your sales and marketing campaigns
• Design room with audio and video editing workstations
• 24/7 security staff and video surveillance
• International hardware, software and office equipment
• Experience comprehensive and long lasting guarantees

We don't teach you the basics of your business. We set you up so that you can focus on your bottom line.

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